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IMG_3620The Pousada Recanto da Villa offers to its guests a pleasant environment, where you feel like being in an Italian village for the bedrooms are around a charming garden. We’re located close to the historical center and to the dining area of the island, favoring the guests to walk to the village instead of using the car.

Cafe-da manha Pousada Recanto da Villa Ilhabela

Our breakfast is very unique. It starts from 9:00 a.m. to noon; when our guests may enjoy some sparkling wine, different kinds of juices, breads, cold plates, delicious cakes, accompanied by the sound of the sort of birds like, hummingbirds, Sabiá, Maritacas, and the Saddle Tanager bird. Our breakfast room is adorned with antique tableware, and it gives the opportunity to our guests to interact to each other.